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Science TEST 1 vocab

1.1-1.4 + mini packets for test (vocab only)

science A system of knowledge about the natural world and the methods used to find that knowledge
technology the use of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
chemistry The study of the composition, structure, properties and reactions of matter
Physics The study of matter and energy and the interactions between the two forces and motion
geology The study of the origin, history and structure of Earth
astronomy The study of the universe beyond Earth
biology study of life and life processes
scientific method An organized plan used for gathering and communicating information
observation information obtained through the senses
hypothesis proposed answer to a question
manipulated variable the variable that causes the change in the other variable.
responding variable the variable that changes to to the manipulated variable.
controlled experiment An experiment in which only one variable, the manipulated variable, is deliberately changed at a time
scientific theory A well-tested explanation for a set of observations or experimental results
scientific law A statement that summarizes a pattern found in nature
model a representation of an object or event
scientific notation makes very large or small numbers easier to work with
length the distance between two points
mass amount of matter in an object
volume the amount of space taken up by an object
density The ratio of a material’s mass to its volume
conversion factor A ratio of equivalent measurements that is used to convert a quantity from one unit to another
precision A gauge of how exact a measurement is
significant figures All the digits in a measurement that are directly measured, plus the last digit, which is estimated
accuracy The closeness of a measurement to the true value of what is measured
slope The steepness of a line, equal to the ratio of a vertical change to the corresponding horizontal change
direct proportionate A relationship between two variables in which their ratio is constant
inverse proportionate A relationship in which the product of two variables is a constant when all other variables are held constant
Created by: canny caileen
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