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Variables Review

Anything in an experiment you can change that might affect the outcome Variable
Variable that is changed my the experimenter Independent Variable
Variable that will change due to the independent variable being changed. It is the one you measure to get your results Dependent Variable
Variable that is not changed Constant Variable
An experiment in which one variable is changed and compared to a standard Controlled Experiment
Basic procedure used in a controlled experiment before you change any variables Standard
The maximum amount that something can contain Capacity
Amount of matter that will fit in a given space Density
Used water displacement to reveal the characteristics of an object Archimedes
First to propose that pendulums could be used as time-keepers Galileo
invented the first airplane the Wright Brothers
First black woman to receive her pilot licence Bessie Coleman
First pilot to break the sound barrier Chuck Yeager
List the steps of the scientific method Ask a question Form a hypothesis Experiment Analyse and Draw conclusions
What can a person do to get more accurate results in an experiment More trials Use smaller measurement units and Control all variables you are not testing.
Which variables were tested in the pendulum system height, length and weight
What is the relationship between the length of the string and the number of cycles of the pendulum system the shorter the string the more it will swing.(Vice-Versa)
Which variables affected the number of passengers needed to sin the boat in the lifeboat experiment. Size of the boat, placement of pennies and condition of water
What is the relationship between the capacity of the boat and number of passengers it can hold the bigger the boat the more pennies it can hold (Vice-Versa)
What is the relationship between the mass of a plane and the distance it could fly the more the mass the shorter distance it will travel (Vice-Versa)
Explain what determines whether an object will sink or float if in object is denser than water it will sink
What is the relationship between the number of winds of a propeller and the distance it can fly the less the winds the less distance it travels
What is the What variables affected the distance the FOSS plane could fly weight and number of winds
Explain the purpose of a two inordinate graph it allows you to make predictions about future trials and it organizes data
What are the different variables in the kicking experiment? types of balls, starting position of the ball, and number of steps before kick
What variables did the boys control starting position of the ball
What should be changed to better determine who kicks the ball farthest use the same ball and the number of steps before the kick should be the same
Describe two ways Christian can improve his flower experiment use different amount of light and use same type of flower
Created by: _Damaris_