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Unit 3-Latin America

Unit 3 Latin America Review

What religion is most popular in Latin America? Catholic
Does it play a big part in Latin America? Yes
Give some characteristics of the Mayans dominated southern Mexico and nothern Central America, greatest city was Tikal (present day Guatemala), ruled by priests and nobles, economy based on agriculture and trade
Give some characteristics of the Incas time of the Aztecs, established in the Andes mountains, capital--Cuzco (presnet day Peru), led by emperor, network of roads, oral storytelling, no written language
Give some characteristics of the Aztecs central Mexico, located on what is today's Mexico city, grew beans and maize on chinampas, ruled by an eperor and military officials, considered chocolate to be "food of the gods"
The Cuban Missile Crisis was a part of what war? Cold War
What three countries were involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis? USA, USSR, Cuba
First Latin country to gain independence? Haiti
Why did Europeans set up colonies in Latin America? To gain wealth for their home countries
What is the population growth rate in Latin America? Hight
Explain where the Andes are and what they are. West coast of South America; mountains
What is significant about the Atacama Desert? One of the driest places in the world; defies the rain shadow effect
What 3 parts make up Latin america? Mexico, Middle America, the Caribbean
Where would you find the Mato Grosso Plateau? highlands
What is significant about the area surrounding Lake Maracaibo? Contains a lot of oil
What are the characteristics of a Steppe Climate? Hot summers, cool winters, and light rainfall
When did most Latin American countries gain their independence? the 1800's
What countries are a part of NAFTA? Canada, United States, Mexico
What percentage of Christians in Latin America are Protestant? 29%
What determines the 3 highlands climate zones in Latin America? Elevation
Is Puerto Rico a state? No
If I live in Puerto Rico am I considered a US citizen? Yes
If I live in Puerto Rico can I vote for the President of the upcoming election? No
Shantytown makeshift communities on the edges of cities; lived in by many rural migrants in Latin America wen they move to cities
Megacity a city that dominates it's country's economy and government
Cordilleras parallel mountain ranges
Pampas grassland
Amazon River longest river in the Western hemisphere; river basin contains the largest rain forest in the world
Estuary where the river current meets the ocean tide; Rio de la Plata is a large one where 3 rivers meet the Atlantic
Mexican Plateau fertile soil that attracts people
Mosaic design made by setting small colored stones or tiles into mortar
Syncretism blending of beliefs and practices from different religions
Conquistadors Europeans who claimed part of the americas for Spain
Lake Nicaragua largest lake in central america
Quipu a set of knotted cords that the Inca used for keeping accounts
Simon Bolivar A Venezuelan revolutionary leader
Carnival bets known festival in all of Latin America
Latifundia large mechanized farms
Reforestation replanting young trees or seeds on lands where trees have been cur or destroyed
Minifundia in Latin America, small farms that produce food chiefly for families
Lake Titicaca World's highest navigable lake; located in the Andes
Maquiladora foreign owned companies in Mexico that profit by hiring cheap labor
Democracy Any system of government in which leaders rule with consent of the citizens
Monarchy A form of government in which all political power is passed down to an individual
Communism Society based on equality in which workers would control industrial production
Authoritarian A ruler with complete control
Totalitarian Centralized government that exercies dictatorial control over many aspects of life
Columbian Exchange A widespread exchange of animals, plants culture, human populations, diseases, and ideas between the Eastern and Western Hemisphere
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