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Latin Vocab 7

Study and Write

convocō, convocāre I call together
nāvigō, nāvigāre I sail
oppugnō, oppugnāre I attack
pugnō, pugnāre I fight
dēfendō, dēfendere I defend
occīdō, occīdere I kill
resistō, resistere I resist
vincō, vincere I conquer
capiō, capere I take
fugiō, fugere I flee
iaciō, iacere I throw
īra, -ae, f. anger
pugna, -ae, f. fight
canis, canis, m/f. dog
comes, comitis, m/f. comrade
frāter, frātris, m. brother
nāvis, nāvis, f. ship
pater, patris, m. father
prīnceps, prīncipis, m. prince
rēx, rēgis, m. king
urbs, urbis, f. city
fortiter bravely
ā/ab + abl. from
cārus, -a, -um dear
fortis, forte brave
omnis, omne all
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