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Pershing Astr. 2

What does a star's color tell us? its temperature
What star is the hottest? a main-sequence blue star
According to the big bang theory, about how old is the universe? 13.7 billion years old
What kind of galaxy do scientists think the Milky Way is? a spiral galaxy
Of the following, which one is the largest--galaxy, nebula, neutron star or globular cluster galaxy
Where are cool, bright, huge red stars appear on the H-R diagram? top, right
Why are black lines on the absorption spectrum? black lines show were colors of light are absorbed by a star's atmosphere
What do the pattern of lines tell us? what kinds of elements are in the star's atmosphere
Name the 3 major types of galaxies identified by Edwin Hubble? spiral, elliptical and irregular
What do elliptical galaxies and the haolos of spiral galaxies have groups of stars called what? globular clusters
Names the sequence of a star's life from earliest to latest? main sequence, red giant, white dwarf
How do new stars form? They form from material from old stars
What is found along the spiral disk of galaxies? open clusters
What magnitude indicates the brightest star? -6
What is a star's apparent shift called? parallax
How do astronomers classify galaxies? their shape
What kind of galaxy is the Milky Way? spiral galaxy
What does the H-R diagram graph? a star's temperature and brightness
What is the study of the origin, structure and future of the universe? cosmology
What is absolute magnitude? the brightness of a star at 32.6 light years from Earth
What is light-year? the distance that light travels in one year
What is apparent magnitude? the brightness of a star seen from Earth
What is main sequence? a diagnonal pattern on the H-R diagram where most stars appear
What is the black hole? an object so massive and dense that not even light will escape the gravitational pull
Created by: ellist