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Daimon vocabulary for Quiz 5 (valeo-gratias ago)

valeo/valere/valui/--- = to be strong, well (as a command means "Goodbye!" Vale! or Valete!)
video/videre/vidi/visus = to see
salio/salire/salui/saltus = to jump
alter/altera/alterum = the other
capio/capere/cepi/captus = to capture, seize
rideo/ridere/risi/risus = to laugh, smile
pecunia, -ae, f. = money
invenio/invenire/inveni/inventus = to find, come upon
vendo/vendere/vendi/veditus = to sell
pretium, -i, nt. = price, reward
nemo, neminis, m/f = no one
domus, -us, f. = home, house
omnis, -e each, every; (pl) all
dux, ducis, m. = leader
fortasse (adv.) = perhaps, maybe
do/dare/dedi/datus = to give
rogo (1) = to ask
respondeo/respondere/respondi/responsus = to respond, reply, answer
clamo (1) = to shout
tamen (adv.) = nevertheless, yet
magnopere (adv.) = greatly, very much
caput, capitis, nt. = head
cado/cadere/cecidi/casus = to fall
somnus, -us, m. = sleep
excito (1) = to wake up, rouse
nox, noctis, f. = night
ignis, -is, m. = fire
audio/audire/audivi/auditus = to hear
custos, custodis, m. = guard
aurum, -i, nt. = gold
altus, -a, -um = high; deep
mare, maris, nt. = sea
ascendo/ascendere/ascendi/ascensus = to climb
appropinquo (1) = to approach
deinde (adv.) = then, thereupon, next
no/nare/navi/--- = to swim; to float
postquam (conjunc.) = after, then
suus, -a, -um = his/her/its//their own
scindo/scindere/scidi/scissus = to cut, tear apart
celo (1) = to hide, conceal
gratias ago/agere/egi/actus = to thank, give thanks
Created by: simsma