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World Geo

Russia Physical Test Review

Which rivers flow into the aral sea? Amu Daraya and Syr Darya
Which region gets warm mosit air from the Mediterranean? Transcucasia
What is Eurpoe's longest river? Danube
What is the largest inland sea in the world? Caspian Sea
Which body of water has lost most of its volume over the past 30-40 years? Aral Sea
What uplands are found in central asia? Kazakh Uplands
What country took the majority of the radiation from the 1986 nuclear accident? Belarus
What country is on the Aral Seas southern coast? Kazakhstan
Where and what is the deepest fresh water lake in the world The Bailkal Lake in Siberia
Which region is home to some of the worlds best farm land? Northern European Plain
In what country did the worlds worst nuclear accident take place? Ukrane
What is the very large peninsula found on Russias eastern coast? Kamehatka Peninsula
What mountains are between the Caspian and Black Sea? Caucasus Mts
What mountains seperate the Northern Eurpoean Plain and the West Siberian Plain? Ural Mts
What region is home to Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia? Transcacasia
These islands are found on Russias Pacific side. Kuril Islands
What body of water is located between the US and Russia? Bering Strait
This desert is located in Turkmenistan and is fed by a canal from the Aral Sea. Kara Kum
What is the cause of the Aral Sea region? Irrigation
What is white gold? Cotton
What was done to combat the salty soil in the Aral Sea region? Fretilzation, Pesisides
What is the taiga? Largest Forest on Earth
What are the major climates of Russia and the Republics Subartic, humid continental
What does continentaily mean and what does it have to do with the climate? Affect of distance from water, farther from ocean, the warmer it is.
Why is Central Asia so dry? Far from Water
How does climate affect Russias Navy? Frozen Water
What north american country closley resembles Russia and the republics in terms of climate and vegitation. Canada
What source of power comes from splitting atoms? Nuclear Power
What country first discovered that a nuclear accident had happened? Sweeden
What power plant suffered the worst nuclear disaster? Chernoblyl
What countries are in Central Asia? Kazakhstan, Krygystar, Tajikstan
Created by: JesusFreak00123