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Properties Quizzes

Criteria for the selection of material for building a sidewalk is dependent on: -Aesthetic, functional and economic consideration
As a material engineer, your main job is to: -Select material for design purposes -set material specification, and quality assurance and control
The mechanical properties of a material depends on -Size of the element under consideration -Properties of the element material -Magnitude of the load being applied on the element
Basic concept of material engineering is "the understanding the behavior and performance of materials", performance usually indicates: -Material behavior during the life of the structure
The knowledge in material engineering is used in the: -Design of facilities and structures -Maintenance of the facilities and structures -Construction of the facilities and structures
Cement type 1 has the properties of: Normal conditions
Cement type 3 has the properties of: Good strength at early stages of curing
Soundness of PCC is a measure of Ability to retain its volume after setting
The ingredients used in the testing of the quality of Portland cement are: cement, fine aggregates, water
As a material engineer, you have full responsibility for the production of: Nothing
Physical properties of aggregates Particle shape, particle surface charge, abrasion resistance
Flaky and elongated aggregates are desirable in the following applications: None..
The ability of aggregate to withstand weathering refers to: Soundness Test
Fineness modulus is needed for determination of ________ content in PCC Cement
Best grain size distribution for use in asphalt mix is: Well graded
Aggregate acceptance for construction jobs depends on: Physical, mechanical and chemical characteristics Availability Cost
Rough textured aggregate provides: Higher shear resistance
Smallest sieve size through which 100% of the aggregate sample particles pass defines: Maximum aggregate size
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