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Outsiders 5

Outsiders Chapter10-12

When Dally called Darry, what did he tell him to do? He told him that he just robbed a grocery store and the police were after him.
What happened to Dally in the end? He was shot by the police.
Ponyboy said, "Dally Winton wanted to be dead and he always got what he wanted." Why did Dally want to die? Dally was sad because Johnny died.
Who did Ponyboy identify while flippng through the pages of Soda's old yearbook? Bob (Robert Sheldon)
Which Soc stopped to visit Ponyboy while he was home recovering? Randy
What did Randy come to discuss? Going to see the Judge
Why did Darry become angry with Ponyboy just as his visitor left? Ponyboy was smoking
How did the Judge know Ponyboy was nervous? Ponyboy was biting his nails
What was the Judges decision? Pony boy was acquitted. acquited means all charges were dropped.
Ponyboys English teacher would give him a "C" if he came up with a good theme
Two Bit smiled when Ponyboy was picking up glass because Ponyboy would never to be too tough
Why did Ponyboy believe he killed Johnny? Ponyboy was mentally sick
What did Ponyboy find in the Gone With The Wind Book? a note fom Johnny
Johnny wasnt upset about dying because he was happy he saved the children
What did Johnny want Dally to look at? a sunset
What did Ponyboy finally decide to write about? He wrote about what happened over the last week.
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