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Stage 19 Checklist

amō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus love, like
caedō, -ere, cedīdī, caesus kill
cārus, -a, -um dear, costly, precious
castīgō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus scold, nag
cōgitō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus think, consider
comparō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus obtain
cōnficiō, -ere, cōnfēcī, cōnfectus finish
cūrō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus take care of, look after
dulcis, -e sweet
fīlia, -ae daughter
fluō, -ere, flūxī, flūctus flow
forte by chance
grātiās agō I thank
hasta, -ae spear
illūc to that place, there
iter, itineris journey
locus, -ī place
māne in the morning
neglegens (-ntis) careless
noscō, noscere, nōvī, nōtus learn, find out
perīculum, -ī danger
plūrimus, -a, -um very much/many
poscō, poscere, poposcī demand, ask for
sonitus, -ūs sound, noise
tot so many
umerus, -ī shoulder
vexō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus annoy
vīvō, -ere, vīxī, vīctus live, be alive
vix scarcely, hardly
vōx, vōcis voice
Created by: edyeomans