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Rhampsinitus vocabulary (94-96)

regnum regni, nt. = kingdom
succedo succedere/successi/successus = to succeed, follow
qui/quae/quod (rel. pron.) = who // that, which
relinquo relinquere/reliqui/relictus = to leave behind, relinquish
templum templi, nt. = temple
specto (1) = to watch, look at, look toward
duo duae/duo = two
pono ponere/posui/positus = to place, put, position
depono deponere/deposui/depositus = to put down, deposit
expono exponere/exposui/expositus = to put out; to explain
repono reponere/reposui/repositus = to put back, replace
magnitudo magnitudinis, f. = size
ille/illa/illud (demonstrative pron.) = that, those (pl.)
aestas aestatis, f. = summer
hiems hiemis, f. = winter
appello (1) = to call by name, name
alter altera, alterum = the other
adorno (1) = to decorate, adorn
donum doni, nt. = gift
facio facere/feci/factus = to make, do
hic/haec/hoc (demonstrative pron.) = this, these (pl.)
ops opis, f. = power, might; (in pl.) riches, wealth
vis vis, f. = force
argentum argenti, nt. = silver
itaque = and so
tutus -a, -um = safe, secure
pecunia pecuniae, f. = money
curo (1) = to care for, take care of
lapis lapidis, m. = stone
lapideus -a, -um = (made) of stone
is/ea/id (personal pron.) = he/she/it
opus operis, nt. = work, task, labor
peto petere/petivi/petitus = to seek; to attack
paro (1) = to prepare
murus muri, m. = wall
facile (adv.) = easily
possum posse/potui/--- = to be able, can
homo hominis, m. = man; human being
aedificium aedificii, nt. = building
aedifico (1) = to build
vita vitae, f. = life
finis finis, m. = end; boundary, territory
voco (1) = to call
advoco (1) = to summon
igitur = therefore
filius filii, m. = son
artificium artificii, nt. = trick
species speciei, f. = appearance
doceo docere/docui/doctus = to teach
moveo movere/movi/motus = to move
admoveo admovere/admovi/admotus = to move near
noctu (adv.) = by night, at night
cedo cedere/cessi/cessus = to yield, give way to
accedo accedere/accessi/accessus = to approach
fero ferre/tuli/latus = to carry, bring, bear
effero efferre/extuli/elatus = to take away
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