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male/female GU

Normal testes should feel? (texture, movable/fixed, pressure) oval, smooth, firm/rubbery, equal on both sides. freely movable, slightly tender to more pressure.
What are some traits that the scrotal skin shouldn’t be? (texture) dry, scaly, nodular, with any massess
What causes black stool (tarry/non)? Frothy and clay-colored stool? black: tarry blood from GI bleeding or non-tarry due to iron meds frothy: excess fat clay-colored: absence of bile pigment
What history should you start female GI exam with? something comfortable, such as menstrual hx
What position should the female pt be in if examining genitalia? in a lithotomy position
Why should you use left lateral decubitus position for rectal area? X
Why does the uterus shrink? What structure becomes impalpable and shrinks after menopause? Shrinks due to decreased myometrium. Ovaries become impalpable.
Sacral ligaments relax and pelvic musculature weakens, causing ____. uterus drooping
Vaginal epithelium dies out, becoming ____, ___, and __. (what happens to pH & secretions?) thinner, drier, and itchy. pH rises (alkaline) and frequency of secretions decrease
What shrinks and becomes paler? cervix
If the vaginal epithelium becomes thinner and drier, what does this increase risk of? vaginitis and bleeding
In what two situations should you not obtain a pap smear in? heavy infectious discharge and menstruation
What should you instruct not to do a day before the pap smear? have sex, douche, put anything into vagina
The cervical os in a nulliparous woman is ____. small and rounded
Cervical os in a parous woman is horizontal, irregular slit
Parous vs nulliparous woman parous: given childbirth
what is an abnormal finding of cervix red, inflamed or pallor.
Created by: eyang21