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Kingdoms of Life 4th

4th grade science Macmillan/McGraw-Hill

cell smallest unit of living matter
what all living things need food, water, oxygen, shelter
organism living thing
5 jobs of all organisms reproduce, offspring, food for energy, get rid of waste, react to changes in the environment
oxygen gas in air
reproduce to make copies of themselves
offspring young of living things
plant properties cell wall is box shape, chlorophyll
animal properties cell membranes round
tissue many cells grouped together doing a job
largest organ skin
organ system serveral organs to preform life functions
bacteria smallest cell of all
microscope makes small things look bigger
viruses cannot reproduce on their own, smaller than a cell
thick protective cell wall plant cells
thin membrane and no cell wall animal cells
reason why plant cells need a thick protective coating plant cells need a thick protective coating to prevent viruses from getting to the nucleus and taking control
why do plants cells need more protection than animal cells plants cannot move on their own so their cells need more protection. Also, thick cells walls may make it easier for plants to store food for long periods of time
Created by: feocon