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Chapter 7-9 Vocab

Oxford Latin Course (No quantity marks)

convoco, convocare I call together
navigo, navigare I sail
oppugno, oppugnare I attack
pugno, pugnare I fight
defendo, defendere I defend
occido, occidere I kill
resisto, resistere I resist
vinco, vincere I conquer
capio, capere I take
fugio, fugere I flee
iacio, iacere I throw
possum, posse I can, I am able
exspecto, -are I wait for
servo, -are I save
timeo, -ere I fear, I am afraid
reddo, -ere I return, give back
relinquo, -ere I leave behind
verto, -ere I turn
conicio, -ere I hurl
gaudeo, -ere I rejoice
habeo, -ere I have
moneo, -ere I warn, advise
taceo, -ere I am silent
bibo, -ere I drink
conscendo, -ere I board (a ship)
convenio, -ire I come together, meet
accipio, -ere I receive
carus, -a, -um dear
fortis, forte brave
omnis, omne all
novus, -a, -um new
parvus, -a, -um small
pauci, -ae, -a few
tacitus, -a, -um silent
totus, -a, -um whole
ingens, ingentis huge
mortuus, -a, -um dead
solus, -a, -um alone
territus, -a ,-um terrified
incolumis, incolume safe, unharmed
ira, -ae anger
pugna, -ae fight
canis, canis dog
comes, comitis comrade
frater, fratris brother
navis, navis ship
pater, patris father
princeps, principis prince
rex, regis king
urbs, urbis city
insula, -ae island
equus, equi horse
vir, viri man
labor, laboris work, hardship, suffering
nox, noctis night
uxor, uxoris wife
hasta, -ae spear
porta, -ae gate
murus, -i wall
mater, matris mother
mors, mortis death
fortiter bravely
sic thus
bene well
hic here
huc (to) here, hither
a/ab from
inter among, between
circum round
e/ex out of, from
-que and
Created by: sammysanghera