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Final Robin

Calcium and phosphate salts in saliva that become mineralized and adhere to tooth surfaces calculus
Inflammation of the gingival tissue Gingivitis
Referring to the periodontium Periodontal
Inflammatory disease of the supporting tissues of the teeth Periodontitis
Structures that surrond, support, and are attached to the teeth Periodontium
Procedure in which a dental endoscope is used subgingivally Periocopy
Soft deposit on teeth that consists of bacteria and bacterial by-products Plaque
Referring to the area below the gingiva Subgingival
Referring to the area above the gingiva Supragingival
What is dental plaque? A soft mass of bacterial deposits that covers tooth surfaces
What is calculus? Calcium and phosphate salts in saliva that become mineralized and adhere to tooth surfaces
The term periodontal disease includes both ____ and ____ Gingivitis and periodontitis
What is the definition of periodontitis? Inflammation of the supporting tissues of the teeth
How many basic types of periodontal disease have been identified by the American Academy of Periodontology? 7
How is the severity of periodontal disease determined? Assesment of the amount of lost attachment: Slight or early Moderate Severe or advanced
Which lesions are below the mucosal surface? ulcer
Which lesions extend above the mucosal surface? Blisters or vesicles
Which lesion is even with the mucosal surface? ecchymosis or bruising
What type of condition appears as a white patch or area? leukoplakia
What condition is caused by yeastlike fungal infection candidiasis
What is another tern for "canker sore" aphthous ulcer
Wheat is the condition in which inflammation causes severe pain and high fever? cellulitis
What is the term for an inflammation of the tongue? glossitis
What is the condition in which a pattern on the tongue changes? geographic tongue
What is the condition in ehich the body does not absorb witamin B12? pernicious anema
4 oral cancer warning signs any sore in the mouth that does not heal any lump or swelling on the neck,lips, or oral cavity white or rough-textured lesions on the lips or oral cavity numbness in or around the oral cavity
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