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Word Wall12-13

Vocabulary WordDefinition
Arrange To put in order
construct To build put together
label To write or attach a name to something
calculate TO add subtract multiply or divide
explain To give in formation so that another person can understand something
Examine To look at i a close thoroughness
Predict To say a ahead of time that something will happen.
Relate to relate to someone
Relate to relate to a story
Sequence The order in which things follow one another.
Effect something that happens because of something else.
Cause Something that make a thing happen
Classify to put in group according to thinkg that are simila
Generalize to come to a
Select to choose:pick
COmpose to crest or write
Analyze to separate into part or close study examine and explain
OUt line A short writen plain of the min idea of a book speech or report
Summarize to restater in a concise form
Support to provide proof or evidence for
Subtitute to put or used in place of another person or think
Design to draw plans for the form or structure of somthing
infer to make a guess based on fact and observations
combine to bring or join together into a whole
Identify to figure out or show who someone is or what something is
Describe to tell or write about create a picture of in words
compare to say or note how something is similar to something else
contrast to compare in order to show differences
Defend to speak write or act in support of
Modify to change in some way alter
COnclude to bring to an end fin or complete to think about something and form an opine
Investigate to look at closely so as to get information and learn fact
Relate to see or find connections between link to tell the story of
Created by: mmunoz2