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4.24-25 Vocab (AP)

Vocab for 4.24-25 of Caesar

Altitudo, -inis, f. height, depth; thickness (of timber)
Altum (as a substantive) the deep, the sea
Animadverto, 3 turn the mind to; notice
Animadvertere in punish
Apertus opened
Aquila, ae, f. an eagle; a military standard
Aridus, a um, adj dry, neuter as a noun
Cognosco , noscere, novi, nitum learn, ascertain; study, investigate; perfect
Coepi, coepisse began, commenced, undertook; coeptus, pf part.
Consisto, 3 take a stand or position, keep one;s position, stand form (when soldiers make a formation); stop, halt, remain, stay (of ships) lie at anchor; consist in, depend or rest on
Consuesco, -suescere, -suevi, suetum become used to; pf
Consuetus, pf part. As adj accustomed, usual
Cunctor,1 delay, hesitate, be reluctant
Desilio, -silire, -silui, -sultum jump from, leap down, alight, dismount
Equitatus, -us, m cavalry, horseman
Essedarius, -a, -um, adj a soldier who fought from a two-wheeled British war chariot
Fluctus, -us, m. flood, billow, wave
Funda, -ae, f. sling
In fugarm conicere/dare put to flight
Genus, -eris, n descent, origin, race, class, tribe, family; kind, nature
Impeditus baggage
Imperator, -oris, m commander in chief, general
Imperitus, -a, -um, adj inexperienced, unskilled, ignorant
Inde, adv from that place, thence; then, thereupon
Inusitatus, -a, -um, adj unusual, uncommon, strange, startling
Latus, lateris, n side; wing or flank (of an army)
Magnitudo, -inis, f size, large size, greatness, extent; stature (corporum); violence (venti); severity (poenae); magnitude animi. courage
Manus, -us, f the hand
Membrum, -i, neuter limb
Motus, -us,m movement, motion; political movement, uprising, disturbance
Notus, pf participle as adj known, well-known, familiar
Officum, -I, n. service, allegiance, duty; official duty, business; esse, manere, or permanere in officio, to remain loyal
Onerarius, -a, -um, adj equipped for loads or fitted for burdens; with navis, transport, freight ship
Onus, -eris, n load, burden, weight, size
Paulum, adv a little, somewhat, slightly
Plerumque, adv for the most part, mostly, generally; again and again, very often
Praemitto, 3 send before or in advance
Prodo, 3 give forth, reveal; betray, give up; transimt, hand down; memoria proditum, told according to tradition, handed down
Propello, 3 place or put forward, present, offer; relate, tell of, explain; purpose, propose; expose
Propter, prep w/ acc on account of, because of, in consequence of
Pugna, -ae, f fight, battle, contest; genus pugnae
Remus, -I, m oar
Sagitta, -ae, f arrow
Species, -ei, f seeing, sight; look, appearance, show, pretense
Studium, -I, n zeal, eagerness, enthusiasm, desire; goodwill, devotion; pursuit, occupation
Subsequor, -sequi, -secutus follow closely, follow up or on, follow
Telum, -I, n missile, dart, spear, javelin
Universus, -a, -um, adj all together, whole, universal; all (as a mass)
Usus, -us, m. use, experience, practice, ski9ll, service, advantage; need, necessity; usus est, there is need; usui esse or ex usu esse, be of advantage or service; usu venire, come by necessity, happen
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