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Irreg. English Verbs

Verbos irregulares: Presente - Passado - Particípio

English InfinitiveTradução Pt.Pres.Simple-PastSimp.-PastPart
Be Ser, Estar am/is/are - was/were - been
Become Tornar-se become became become
Begin Começar begin began begun
Break Quebrar break broke broken
Bring Trazer bring brought brought
Build Construir build built built
Buy Comprar buy bought bought
Can Poder, Conseguir can - could - been able
Catch Apanhar catch caught caught
Choose Escolher choose chose chosen
Come Vir come came come
Cost Custar cost cost cost
Dig Escavar dig dug dug
Do Fazer (ex. obrigações) do did done
Draw Desenhar draw drew drawn
Drink Beber drink drank drunk
Drive Conduzir drive drove driven
Eat Comer eat ate eaten
Fall Cair fall fell fallen
Feed Alimentar feed fed fed
Feel Sentir feel felt felt
Find Encontrar find found found
Fly Voar fly flew flown
Forget Esquecer forget forgot forgotten
Get Obter, Atingir, Apanhar, Tornar-se, Chegar, Ficar (num dado estado físico ou psicológico), Acertar get - got - got (gotten)
Give Dar give gave given
Go Ir go went gone (been)
Grow Crescer, Cultivar grow grew grown
Have Ter, Tomar, Receber have had had
Hear Ouvir hear heard heard
Hold Segurar, Manter, Reter hold held held
Hurt Magoar hurt hurt hurt
Keep Manter, Conservar, Continuar keep kept kept
Know Saber, Conhecer know knew known
Learn Aprender learn - learnt/learned - learnt/learned
Leave Partir (ir embora) leave left left
Let Permitir, Arrendar let let let
Lose Perder lose lost lost
Make Fazer (ex. criações) make made made
Mean Querer dizer (Significar) mean meant meant
Meet Conhecer, Reunir-se (com) meet met met
Pay Pagar pay paid paid
Put Pôr put put put
Read Ler read read read (/riid/ /réd/ /réd/)
Ride Montar, Andar (ex. de mota) ride rode ridden
Ring Tocar (ex. campaínha), Telefonar ring rang rung
Run Correr, Gerir (ex. um negócio) run ran run
Say Dizer say said said
See Ver see saw seen
Sell Vender sell sold sold
Send Enviar send sent sent
Shine Brilhar shine - shone/shined - shone/shined
Show Mostrar show - showed - showed/shown
Sing Cantar sing sang sung
Sit Sentar sit sat sat
Sleep Dormir sleep slept slept
Speak Falar (~ uma língua / ~ com alguém) speak spoke spoken
Spend Gastar (ex. dinheiro), Passar (ex. tempo) spend spent spent
Stand Pôr-se de pé, ficar de pé, permanecer stand stood stood
Steal Roubar steal stole stolen
Swim Nadar swim swam swum
Take Tomar, Receber, Levar, Tirar, Segurar take took taken
Teach Ensinar teach taught taught
Tell Dizer, Contar (ex. uma história) tell told told
Think Pensar, Achar (considerar) think thought thought
Throw Atirar throw threw thrown
Understand Compreender understand understood understood
Wear Usar, Vestir wear wore worn
Win Ganhar win won won
Write Escrever write wrote written
Blow Rebentar blow blew blown
Cut Cortar cut cut cut
Fit Caber fit fit fit
Forgive Perdoar forgive forgave forgiven
Forbid Proibir forbid forbade forbidden
Freeze Congelar Freeze Froze Frozen
Lead Liderar lead - led/leaded - led/leaded
Lend Emprestar lend lent lent
Rise Elevar, Erguer, Ascender rise rose risen
Set Acertar (ex. compromisso), Definir, Preparar set set set
Shake Sacudir, Tremer, Apertar a mão shake shook shaken
Shoot Disparar, Atirar, Chutar shoot shot shot
Shrink Encolher shrink shrank shrunk
Shut Fechar shut shut shut
Swear Jurar, Dizer palavrões swear swore sworn
Sweep Varrer sweep swept swept
Wake Acordar, Despertar wake - woke/waked - woken/waked
Created by: rapazote