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N307 E2 Ears

N307 Ears Assessment [Ch 15]

external auditory canal opening of external ear
Tympanic membrane is also known as the _____. ear drum
Identify the color, light reflex, and mobility of the ear drum. Color is gray/white; light reflex is shiny R: 0500 and L: 0700; should move with swallow
Identify the location of the light reflex in the right ear. 5:00
Identify the location of the light reflex in the left ear. 7:00
Identify the ear's role in a person's equilibrium (balance). labyrinth (inner ear) constantly feeds information to your brain about your body’s position in space
What nationalities have an increased incidence of otitis media? (4) Native American, Alaskan, Canadians and Hispanics
What age population(s) have an increased incidence of otitis media? (3) premature infants, Down Syndrome, and bottle fed infants
What ethnicities have dry, flaky cerumen? (2) Asians and Native Americans
What ethnicities have wet, moist cerumen? (2) Caucasian and African Americans
tinnitus ringing of the ears
vertigo spinning sensation
Identify the medical term for earache. otalgia
Earache or otalgia may be directly r/t to ________. (2) ear disease or referred pain (from teeth or oropharynx)
otorrhea discharge from the external ear
cholesteatoma dirty, yellow/gray discharge with foul odor
Identify the possible discharge description(s) for external otitis. (3) purulent, sanguineous, or watery
Identify the possible discharge description(s) for acute otitis media with perforation. purulent discharge
sanguineous with or relating to blood
purulent pus drainage, is a light brown, green or yellow colored fluid
presbycusis age-related hearing loss, is the cumulative effect of aging on hearing
recruitment abnormal loudness sensitivity in hearing-impaired individuals
What question do you ask r/t to recruitment? "Do people seem to shout at you?"
objective vertigo feels like room spins
subjective vertigo person feels like he or she spins
microtia ears smaller than 4 cm verticaly
macrotia ears larges than 10 cm vertically
Darwin's tubercle small, painless nodule at the helix
Red-blue discoloration on external ears is r/t ________. frostbite
Pain with ear movement occurs with ______ and _______. otitis externa and furuncle
___________ is a common cause of conductive hearing loss. Impacted cerumen
How should you hold the pinna on an adult? Up and back
How should you hold the pinna on a child? Down
Which direction should you hold the otoscope when examining ear canal? Upside down
How can you tell if ear drainage is CSF? CSF feels oily and is positive for glucose on TesTape
Frank blood or clear, watery discharge after trauma suggests ______ and warrants immediate referral. basal skull fracture
Identify how to perform the whispered voice test. Stand 2 ft from pt; have them cover opposite ear; cover your mouth & whisper a 2-syllable word; repeat with opposite era
Why must you cover your mouth during whispered voice test? So the patient won't read your lips
otitis externa infection in outer ear
How do you prevent otitis externa? Rubbing alcohol or 2% acetic acid eardrops after every swim
Identify the common name for otitis externa. Swimmer's Ear
Identify how the following disease/condition would present: otitis externa. severe painful movement of pinna and tragus; redness and swelling of pinna and canal; scanty, purulent d/c; scaling; itching; fever; enlarged lymph nodes
Describe the TM in a person with otitis externa. Normal
tophi small, white-yellow, hard, non-tender nodules in or near helix; contain greasy, chalking material of uric acid crystals
Tophi is a sign of ______. gout
Identify how the following disease/condition would present: otitis externa. severe swelling of canal (narrowed to 1/4th size), inflammation, tender
Identify how the following disease/condition would present: TM perforation. round or oval darkened area on the ear drum; 2 types are marginal and central
What causes TM perforation? Not treating otitis media, causing the drum to rupture from increased pressure
What causes otitis media? Middle ear fluid is infection
Identify how the following disease/condition would present: otitis media. Absent light reflex (early sign); redness, bulging, earache, fever, drum hypomobility
cerumenosis increased or excessive ear wax build-up
How is hearing affected with cerumenosis has occluded 90-95% of canal? Hearing stays normal; occluding of last 5-10% results in ear fullness and sudden hearing loss
A foreign body in the ear is usually found in what developmental stage? Children
Common foreign bodies found in ears are ________. Beans, corn, breakfast cereals, beads, small stones, sponge rubber
Identify the most common location for the sebaceous cyst. Behind lobule in the postauricular fold
Identify how the following disease/condition would present: sebaceous cyst. Nodule with central black punctum; filled with waxy sebaceous material; painful if it is infected
serous otitis media inflammation of the middle ear with an accumulation of thin, watery (serous) fluid
audiometer instrument used to measure the sensitivity of hearing
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