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Vocabulary 7,8

Exotic (adj) Strikingly unusual in appearance or taste.
Dread (verb) Looked upon with great fear or nervousness.
Outbreak (noun) The sudden or violent start of something unwelcomed.
Malady (noun) Any disorder or disease of the body.
Monitor (verb) Observe and check the progress of something over a long period of time.
Immunity (noun) The state of being protected from a particular.
Scar (verb) To leave a permanent mark on someones skin as the result of an injury.
Primary (adj) First or highest in importance.
Convalesce (verb) Recover ones health and strength over a period of time after an illness or operation.
Contender (noun) The contestant you hope to defeat.
Implore Beg
Primly Stiffly,daintily
Recede To move backward,withdraw
Rueful Sad
Venture Bold or risky act
Anguish Extreme pain or sorrow
Helter-skelter Without order,messy
Immense Very large
Melancholy Depressed
Pickle Difficult situation
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