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Traditional Simplied Pinyin English
文獻 文献 Wénxiàn literature
史官 史官 Shǐguān official historian
哲學家 哲学家 Zhéxué jiā philosopher
龜甲 龟甲 Guījiǎ turtle shell
獸骨 兽骨 Shòu gǔ animal bone
淵博 渊博 Yuānbó broad and profound; erudite
藥方 药方 Yàofāng prescription
文化界 文化界 Wénhuà jiè cultural circle
轟動 轰动 Hōngdòng to cause a stir
命名 命名 Mìngmíng to name
重見天日 重见天日 Chóngjiàntiānrì see the light of a day again
嚮往 向往 Xiàngwǎng to long for, or to look forward to
迷信 迷信 Míxìn superstitious
灼燒 灼烧 Zhuó shāo to burn
占卜 占卜 Zhānbǔ to divine
腐爛 腐烂 Fǔlàn to rot
倉頡 仓颉 Cāng xié the legendary inventor of the Chinese writing system
黃帝 黄帝 Huángdì the Yellow Emperor, China's legendary ruler
荀子 荀子 Xúnzi 313-238 BC Confucian philosopher in the Warring States period
甲骨文 甲骨文 Jiǎgǔwén oracle bone script
商朝 商朝 Shāng cháo the Shang dynasty: 1600-1046 BC
Created by: nolelin
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