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Jia You 19-1

傳奇 (chuan2 qi2) legend
四大名著 (si4 da4 ming2 zhu4) four great classical novels
丞相 (cheng2 xiang4) prime minister
說服 (shuo1 fu2) to persuade
聯合 (lian2 he2) to unite
作戰 (zuo4 zhan4) to fight; to battle
聯軍 (lian2 jun1) allied forces
擺 (bai3) to place; to arrange; to set
陣勢 (zhen4 shi4) deployment and formation of troops for battle
主帥 (zhu3 shuai4) chief commander
軍師 (jun1 shi1) military counselor; military adviser
商議 (shang1 yi4) to confer; to discuss
交戰 (jiao1 zhan4) (of two sides) to engage in battle; to be at war; to fight a war
兵器 weapon; weaponry
誤事(wu4 shi4) to bungle things up
預計 (yu4 ji4) to estimate
參謀 (can1 mou2) staff officer
草把 (cao3 ba3) bundle of grass
不相干 (bu4 xiang1 gan1) to have nothing to do with
動靜(dong4 jing) movement
吩咐 (fen1 fu4) to tell; to instruct
軍營 (jun1 ying2) military camp; barracks
水寨 (shui3 zhai4) fortified water village
吶喊 (na4 han3) to shout; to yell
虛實 (xu1 shi2) actual situation
輕易 (qing1 yi4) rashly
逼近 (bi1 jin4) to approach; to press on toward
上當 (shang4 dang4) to be taken in
順風 (shun4 feng1) to have a favorable wind; to travel or sail with the wind
自負 (zi4 fu4) think highly of oneself, be conceited
讚嘆 (zan4 tan4) to commend; to highly praise
神機妙算 (shen2 ji1 miao4 suan4) very resourceful and extremely good at planning
羅貫中 (luo2 guan4 zhong1) Luo Guanzhong (ca. 1330-1400), author of Romance of the Three Kingdoms
三國 (san1 guo2) Three Kingdoms Period (220-280)
漢獻帝 (han4 xian4 di4) Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty who reigned in the period 190-220
建安 (jian4 an1) the reign of Jian 'an (196-220)
曹操 (cao2 cao1) Cao Cao (155-220), the ruler of the Kingdom of Wei
諸葛亮 (zhu1 ge3 liang4) Zhuge Liang (181-234), the chancellor and a great military strategist of the Kingdom of Shu
孫權 (sun1 quan2) Sun Quan (182-252), the founder of the Kingdom of Wu
周瑜 (zhou1 yu2) Zhou Yu (175-210), a very capable military strategist of the Kingdom of Wu
Created by: J27
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