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science 7th vocab

biome a group of ecosystems with similiar climates and organisms.
canopy a leafy roof formed by tall trees.
understory a layer of shorter plants that grow in the shade of a forest canopy.
desert an area that recieves less than 25cm of precipitation a year.
grassland an area populated by grasses that gets 25 to 75cm of rain each year.
savanna a grassland close to the equator.
decidious trees trees that shed their leaves and grow new ones each year.
hibernation a low energy state similiar to sleep that some mammals enter in the winter.
coniferous trees trees that reproduce their seeds in cones and have needle shaped leaves.
tundra an extremely cold, dry biome.
permafrost soil that is frozen all year.
estuary a habitat in which the fresh water of a river meets the salt water of the ocean.
intertidal zone between the highest high tide line and the lowest low tide line.
neritic zone the region of shallow ocean water over the continental shelf.
succession series of predictable changes that occur in a community over time.
primary succession the changes that occur in an area where no ecosystem had existed.
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