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legal ethical final2

legal ethical final 2

credentials proof of qulification stating that an individual or organization has met specific standards
licensure eligable when graduate, legal process by which an authorized authority grants permission to a wualified person or entry to perform designated skills and services in a jurisdiction or where practice would be illegal without a license
nurse practice acts are enforced, nurse practive acts define the state board of nursing have suthority to set standard by uniting rules and regulations this comes from legislative, quasijudical hearings state boards of nursing
ANA recommendations for state boards of nursing govern their own operations and administration, approve or deny schools of nursing, examine and license applicants, grant temp licenses and provide for unactive status, regulate specialty practivce, and discipline violators
permissive licensure early acts taht allowed people to register as an RN if they wanted to, 1st passed in NC in 1903. All states passed similar laws by 1923
mandatory licensure requires that all persons who are compensated as members of a licensed profession obtain licensure prior to practicing as members of the profession, 1st passed in nY in 1938
mandatory licensure exceptions performance of nursing actions by unlicensed people in emergencies, nursing students incidental to their warrented corse of study, nursing actions by employees of the federal government
what do the nurse practice acts do? protect the public, define the practive of nursing, give guidance witin scope of practive issues, set standards for the profession
requirements for licensure citizenship, physical and mental health, minimal age requirements, fluency in english, good moral character, graduation from an approved school, and payment of fees
licensure exemptions prefessional students in graduate course work, graduate nurse during application process
grandfather clause covers those that maintain a certain criteria to not apply to a law
reciprocity agreement of two or more states wit equibalent requirements grant recognition by other state boards of nursing
endorsement where states may grant a liencure to a person because of similarities in the two states
licensure by examination required when a state does not have reciprocity or endorsement
licensure by waiver states may choose to waive requirements based on personal accomplishments
foreign nursing school graduates two requirements occupational visa, proficency in English (TOEFL) and knowledge of nursing concepts and skills administered by commission on graduates of foregin nursing scohols (COGINS)
causes for diciplinary action voluntary alternatives to traditional actions tat allow individuals to recover from additions without loosing their licensure
the kansas state board of nursing has how many members 11 members
How many of the kansas state board of nursing members are registered nurses 6 RN's
Who appoints the board members for the kansas state board of nursing Governer
how are RN's nominated to be members of the board of nursing KSNA submit names to the govenor
what is the term length for RN members of the kansas state board of nursing 4 years
what qulifications do RN candidates have to possess to be eligible for board appointment citizenship and resident of kansas, license, 5 years of experience
how does the kansas nurse practive act define the "practice of nursing" the process in which substantial specalized knowledge derived from the biological physical and behavioral sciences is applied to care, diagnosis treatment and counciling and education
when may a person be required to take a refresher course before obtaining a license to practice nursing in kansas if tey ad not worked for 5 years
once the board issues a license it is good for how long 2 years
what is the boards fee for application for a license as a professional nurse $75
What are five acts that are not prohibited by the board gratvitous nursing by friends, family, nursing assistance in an emergency
if your license has been stolen and you request a duplicate what is the fee $25
if your kansas license has lapsed, you may have it reinstated by doing what submit proff that the applicant has obtained 30 contact hours of approved CNE within 2 years
how much money does an RN applying for license to kansas by endorsement have to pay $$75
Temporary permits to practive as an RN in kansas are good for how long 120days
what does an RN have to do to request that their license become inactive request pay fee $10
what is the definition on an "approved provider" for continuing education for nurses in kansas approved by board is responsible for development administration and evaluation of CNE program
what is the definition of "contact hour" fifty min of participation in a learning experience that meets the definition of CNE
Created by: dnoyes
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