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science brown

chap. 4

running water wind or ice loosen and carry fragments of rocks erosion
the process by which sediment settles out of water or wind carrying it deposition
process that presses sediment together compaction
the process in which dissolved minerals crystalize and glue particles of sediment together cementation
types of sedimenttary rocks:_______,_________,________ classic organic chemical
_______ rocks are made up of broken pieses of other rocks classic
________ rocks form where the remains of plant and animals are deposited in thick layers. organic
_________ form when minerals are dizzoled in a solution and crystalize chemical
examples of sedimentary rocks are __________,__________,_________,___________and _____________ sandstone shale conglomerate coal and limestone
a series of pocesses on earth's surface and in the crust and mantle that slowly change rocks from one kind to another the rock cycle
metamorphic rocks form when existing rock is changed by ____,______, or ________ ___________. heat pressure chemical reaction
most metamorphic rock form _________ __________ deep underground
________ rocks have their grains arranged in parallel layers foliated
_________ rocks have their grains arranged randomly nonfoliated
examples of metamorphic rock are ______/_______ , __________/________ , _______/________ granite/gneiss sandstone/quatzite and shale/slate
organica coral reef is really ________ limestone. __________ deposits that began as coral reefs provide evidence of how earth's surface has changed. these deposits also provide evidence from _____ environments organic limestone
coral animals are tiny relatives of the jellyfish that live together in vast numbers. they produce skeletons that grow together to form a structure called a ________ ________ coral reef
to form their their ______ , coral animals absorb the elements calcium from the ocean water. the calcium combines with carbon and oxygen to form calcite,which is na mineral. when the animal dies the skeleton remains and over time builds up to form coral skeleton
Created by: katiep32