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chapter 4:Rocks

about __ minerals make up make up most of earth's crust. these minerals are known as _______ _______,___________ rock-forming minerals
a rocks color provides clues to the rocks________ ________. mineral composition
geologists observe the _______ and the ________ of crystals in a rock to identify the minerals that the rock contains. shape and color
most rock are made up od particles of minerals or other ocks which geologist call___________. ________ give the rock texture. grains
________ is the look and felling of the rocks surface texture
igneous rocks form from ________ and ________ magma and lava
igneous rocks are classified according to their__________,___________ and _________ __________ origin texture and mineral composition
___________ igneous rocks is formed from lava the erupted onto the earth's surface extrusive
___________ igneous rocks is formed from magma that hardened beaneath earth's surface intrusive
people through out history have used igneous rocks for _______ and ________ _________ tools and building materials
examples of ignous rocks are ________,_________,_________ and _________ basalt granite obsidian and pumice
sedimentary rock forms when particles of other rocks or the remains of plants and animals are _________ and _________ together. pressed and cemented
most sedimentary rocks are formed through a series od processes ________,_______ ______ and ________ erosion deposition compaction and cementation
when studying a rock sample geologists observe the rocks _______,________,_________ mineral composition,color,texture
____ are made up of mixtures of minerals and other materials rocks
Created by: katiep32