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Five Themes (R,M,H)

Regions, Movement, Human-Environment Interaction

What is absolute location? The exact spot where something is located
What is relative location? Where something is located as compared to something else
What is place? The physical and human features of a location, which tell what it is like there
What is human-environment interaction? How people affect nature, and how nature affects people
What is movement? How people, goods, and ideas get from one place to another
What is a region? A group of places with a common characteristic
What are physical features? Features of an area that come from nature, like landforms and climate
What are human features? Features of an area that describe the people or were made by the people, like religion, government, and buildings
Which regions would be most desirable for human settlement? Why? River valleys, because they provide freshwater for drinking, irrigating crops, bathing, and traveling; Plains, because they are flat and therefore good for farming and easy travel
Which of these would be considered a "physical region"? The Sahara Desert or New York City? The Sahara Desert, because it includes a group of places that have a physical feature (desert) in common
Which of these would be considered a "human region"? Genoa Township or the Persian Gulf? Genoa Township, because it includes a group of places that have a human feature (government) in common
What is a physical region? A group of places with a physical feature in common, such as desert, mountains, or a certain climate
What is a human region? A group of places with a human feature in common, such as the same language spoken or the same religion followed
What are some positive and negative effects of volcanic activity? Negatives: destructive lava flows, poisonous gases, ash clouds
What are some positive and negative effects of urbanization? Negative: Overcrowding, pollution, faster spread of diseases Positives: More convenient/efficient when people live closer together, people can share ideas/culture easily
What are some positive and negative effects of dam building? Negative: Floods certain areas, loss of habitats for animals, disrupts fish migrations Positives: Prevents flooding in certain areas, hydroelectric power
What is the main cause of desertification? Overuse of land for farming or animals overgrazing (eating grasses in an area without ever letting the land recover)
What is an earthquake? Movement of the earth's surface caused by the shifting of tectonic plates
What is the difference between weathering and erosion? Weathering is the breaking down of rocks; erosion is when these broken-down rocks get moved from one place to another
What is volcanic activity? When magma from beneath the earth's crust spews out of an opening in the earth's crust
What is a push factor? Give some examples. Negative thing that makes someone want to move away from a place; examples include war, poverty, oppression
What is a pull factor? Give some examples. Positive thing that attracts someone to a place; examples include freedom, job opportunities, cultural ties
Look at the map on this website. Does this map show physical or human regions? How do you know? This map shows physical regions because it is showing climate regions, and climate is a physical feature.
Describe one region you see on this map. Example responses: 1) The northern part of Africa is a group of places that have a desert climate region 2) The northern part of Asia is a group of places that have a tundra climate region
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