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FRMS Sci 6th 1-50

Mrs. White's Science Class Word Parts 1-50

auto self
re back
duc, duct, duce to lead
mill 1000
ann year
ject to throw
fer to carry
cede, ceed to go
con, com, col with or together
super above
trans across
vert, vers to turn
lect to choose
pel to push ro drive
uni one
dict to say
pos/pose to put
multi many
rupt to break
duo two
dis apart
clude to shut
vid/vis to see
miss/mit to send
sed to sit or settle
therm heat ot temperature
meter/metri to measure
cent 100
semi half
pro forward or forth
inter between
ist one who
ped foot
quad four
later side
cur(a) care
tele distant
sub under
phone sound
peri around
scope to look
sect to cut
ex out
pre before
aqua water
tri three
micro small
macro large
bio life
man hand
Created by: mmwhite.07