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Latin 2

vocabulary practice emerson

ridebit he will laugh
lucet it is shining
amatis you all are loving
portant they carry
portabam I was carrying
videbimus we will see
erimus we will be
tigridis tiger; genitive singular
gelua chill, frost; nominative plural
avaritiae greed; genitive singular
bovis cow; genitive singular
erunt they will be
lapidis stone; genitive singular
praemii reward; genitive singular
humi ground; genitive singular
fumus smoke; nominative singular
oppidi town: genitive singular
pecuniae money; genitive singular
arcus bow, arch, rainbow; genitive singular
bos, bovis (m/f) ox, bull, cow
cornu, us (n) horn
exercitus, us (m) army
gelu, us (n) chill, frost
genu, us (n) knee
gladiator, gladiatoris (m) gladiator
gradus, us (m) step, pace
latus, lateris (n) flank, side
leo, leonis (m) lion
regio, regionis (f) region, direction, area
sanguis, sanguinis (m) blood
tigris, tigridis (m/f) tiger
veru, us (n) javelin, spit (for roasting meat)
vulnus, vulneris (n) wound
ferus, a, um fierce, wild
longus, a, um long
pugno, pugnare, pugnavi, pugnatum I fight
rudo, rudere, rudivi, ruditum I roar, bellow, bray
et and
coma, ae (f) hair
coturnix, coturnicis (f) quail
equus, i (m) horse
flos, floris (m) flower
fulmen, fulminis (n) thunderbolt, lightning
harena, ae (f) sand
lapis, lapidis (m) stone, rock
lucus, i (m) grove
pinna, ae (f) feather
silva, ae (f) forest
tempestas, tempestatis (f) weather, storm
clarus, a, um clear, loud, bright
quietus, a, um quiet, sleeping, peaceful
agito, agitare, agitavi, agitatum I drive, arouse, disturb
ardeo, ardere, arsi, arsum I blaze, burn
candeo, candere, candui I glow, am white
delecto, delectare, delectavi, delectatum I delight
sono, sonare, sonui, sonitum I resound, sound, make a noise
sum, esse, fui, futurum I am
terreo, terrere, terrui, territum I frighten, terrify
aedificium, i (n) building
caterva, ae (f) crowd, mob
dominus, i (m) master, lord
epulae, arum (f,pl) feast
famula, ae (f) maid, servant (female)
famulus, i (m) servant (male)
frumentum, i (n) grain, (pl.) crops
hortus, i (m) garden
locus, i (m) place
via, ae (f) road, street, way
citus, a, um fast, quick
fessus, a, um tired, weary
peritus, a, um skilled, experienced
raucus, a, um hoarse
demonstro, demonstrare, demonstravi,demonstratum I show, point out
emo, emere, emi, emptum I buy, purchase
habeo, habere, habui, habitum I have, hold
paro, parare, paravi, paratum I prepare
torreo, torrere, torrui, tostum I burn, parch, dry up
vito, vitare, vitavi, vitatum I avoid
coniunx, coniugis (m/f) spouse, wife, husband
custos, custodis (m/f) guard, watchman
flamma, flammae (f) flame
lectus, lecti (m) couch, bed
lucerna, lucernae (f) lamp
mensa, mensae (f) table
mercator, mercatoris (m) merchant, trader
sella, sellae (f) seat, chair
acutus, a, um sharp, pointed, intelligent
bonus, a, um good
fidus, a, um faithful, trustworthy
laetus, a, um happy, joyful, glad
malus, a, um bad, evil, wicked
novus, a, um new
publicus, a, um public
sumptuosus, a, um expensive
convoco, convocare, convocavi, convocatum I call together
exploro, exploravi, exploratum I search out, explore
pergo, pergere, perrexi, perrectum I continue, proceed
vendo, vendere, vendidi, venditum I sell, edvertise
grex, gregis (m) flock, herd
visus, visus (m) view, sight
curiosus, a, um curious, diligent
gelidus, a, um cold, icy, frosty
mirus, a, um strange, wonderful
tardo, tardare, tardavi, tardatum I delay, slow down
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