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Severe Weather

Section 3

Thunderstorms are very active and often cause______. Lightning
A _____ form when a funnel cloud pokes through the bottom of a cumulonimbus cloud and makes contact with the ground. tornado
The safest thing to do if you are caught outside during a tornado is to_____. head for an open area
At what latitudes do hurricane usually form at is ___________. tropical ocean waters
What is lightning? Lightning is an electric discharge that occurs between a positively charge and a negatively charge.
What items do you think you would need in disaster kit? food, water, battery powered radios w/ extra batteries, and an extra cell phone battery(maybe 3 or 4 extra cell batteries)
what happens as a hurricane moves over land? a hurricane can cause a great deal of damage by knocking down trees, telephone pools, damage and destroy buildings and homes.
What happens at the eye wall of a hurricane? the eye wall protects the eye of a hurricane.
What happens at the eye? the hurricane destroys everything!!!
What weather can you expect at the rain bands heavy rains and high winds
Created by: katscott2115