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What is described as "all of space and everything that is?" Universe
What is the distance that light travels in one year? Light Year
What is a giant structure that contains hundreds of billions of stars? Galaxy
What is known as the speed in a given direction? Velocity
What is the energy that can travel directly through space in the form of waves? Electromagnetic Radiation
What is the theory that describes the initial "explosion or expansion" of energy that resulted in the formation of the universe? Big Bang Theory
What is the basic unit of matter? Atom
What is the study of the universe, and humanity's place in it? Cosmology
What is a form of energy found througout space that is responsible for the expansion of the university? Dark Energy
What is a dense matter that only exists in space? Dark Matter
If it has a beginning and an end, it is known as being...? Finite
Anything without a beginning or and end is known as being...? Infinite
This is an equation or law that explains that a velocity between galaxies and Earth is proportional to their distances away. Hubble's Law
Anything that has both mass and volume. Matter
The most widely accepted theory of the beginning of the universe BIG BANG
What is the universe called that humans are able to observe from Earth- (approximately 93 billion light years) Observable universe
What is known as "any observable occurence, usually an extraordinary event." Phenomenon
Anything that is not defined as matter, especially vast in outer space. Space
What is a specific place or position with a "view?" Vantage Point
What encompasses everything that physically exists through space and time? Universe
This is the science that deals with celestial objects, space and the physical universe Astronomy
The change in a wave frequency as the observer of the wave and the wave source moves to or from each other Doppler Shift
A project that recreates opportunities for particles to move faster than the speed of light. CERN
A substance that contains only a single type of atom Element
The universe that can be observed by humans Observable universe
Expressed as the Mass per a unit's volume Density
An attribute of matter that takes on many forms Energy
The process of growing outward, such as our universe Expansion
A natural phenonmenum by which anything that has mass attracts to one another gravity
The study of energy, matter and the relationship between them physics
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