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NP Ch 38 39 Terms

NP Ch38-39 Terms CCC PN105

integument skin
necrosis fatal injury to cells
inflammation localized protective response brought on by injury or destruction of tissues
platelet aggregation clumping
homeostasis arrest of excaping blood by clotting or vessel compression
fibrin insoluble protein essential to clotting
phagocytosis engulfing of microorganisms or foreign particles
collagen fibrous structural protein of all connective tissue
erythema redness
macrophages monocytes that are phagocytes
keloid permanent raised enlarged scar
adhesions fibrous bonds that hold together tissues that are normally separated
first intention closure of closely approximate wound with slight chance of infection
approximation degree of wound closure
laceration ragged torn mangled wound
second intention closure of not approximate wound left open with scar tissue
third intention delayed/secondary closure with delayed suturing of wound
adipose fatty tissue
purulent containing pus
immunocompromised poorly functioning immune systems
abcess accumulation of pus made up of debris from phagocytosis when microorganisms have been present
exudate fluid accumulation containing cellular debris
cellulitis inflammation of the tissue surrounding the inital would, characterized by redness and induration
fistula abnormal passage formed between two internal organs or leading from an internal organ to the surface of the body
sinus fistula leading from abcess to the outside of the body
dehiscence spontaneous opening of an incision
eviceration protrusion of an internal organ through the incision
serosanguineous serum and blood mixture
sloughing natural shedding of dead tissue
debridement removal of all foreign or unhealthy tissue from a wound
eschar sloughing dead tissue, usually caused by a thermal injury or gangrene
granulation tissue connective tissue with multiple small vessels
immobilization rendering a part incapable of moving
traction exertion of a pulling force
hypostatic pneumonia pneumonia caused by stasis of secretions due to inactivity which provides a medium for bacterial growth
isometric exercises exercises performed against resistance
splint device that protects an injured part of the body by immobilizing it
over the bed frame rectangular frame to which traction equipment may be attached
trapeze bar overhead bar that patient can grab
sling bandage for supporting a body part
counteraction force weight pulling against the weight of the traction
bivalved cut in half lengthwise
spica casts figure 8 cast encasing portion of the trunk and part of all of both legs
moleskin thick durable form of adehesive material
external fixator metal devie (pin, screw, tong) inserted into or through one or more bones to stabilize fragments of a fracture while it heals
hemiparesis/hemiplegia one sided weakness/one sided paralysis
perfusion circulation of blood through tissue
hydrotherapy massage or debridement by moving water
paraplegic without use of both legs
quadriplegic without use of both arms and both legs
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