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What is the permenantly condensed state of the second X chromosome called? Barr Body
What is primary nondisjunction? Abnormal number of chromosomes
What is aneuplody? State of having an abnormal number of chromosomes
What does monosomic? can monosomic humans survive? Lost chromosome and no
What is trisomic? Can trisomic humans survive? Extra chromosome and yes with down syndrom
What happens when there is an extra 21st chromosome? Down syndrom
What happens when there is an extra 13, 15, or 18th chromosome? survives till birth but dies shortly after
What does XXY result in? Klienfielder syndrom. Sterile male with some female body parts
What is XYY result in? Fairly normal male appearance
What does XXX result in? Fairly normal female with 2 Barr Bodies
What does OY reslut in? Nonviable
What does XO result in? Turner syndrom, sterile female
What is an X linked gene? A gene that is needed by both males and females. Males do not have the chance to mask their trait.
What is cystic fibrosis? Gene needed for protein does ot function properly
What is sickle cell anemia? Blood circulation poor. Hemoglobin defective
what is Hemophilia? Blood refuses to clot. Controlled by defective X linked gene
What is huntington's disease? Dominant mental deterioration
What is Tay-Sachs disease? Appear normal but does not survive past 5 years old
What is it called where people with history of genetic disease go to find out the odds of their child getting their disease? Genetic counseling
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