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Chapter 12 NCLEX

Question's and Answers

A 24 yr old was admitted to a medical unit with the diagnosis of hepatitis A and placed in contact isolation. The purpose of this is to: -prevent transmission of infectious microorganisms
The nurse is working in a clinical medical area with a census of 15. Each patient has a different illness. The most important skill the nurse can use to protect each patient from health care-associated infections is: -hand hygiene
The nurse caring for the patient in isolation wears latex gloves. Which is an important consideration? -first assess the patient for potential latex allergy
The nurse notes that the patient understands proper technique for hand hygiene when the patient states: -"After washing my hands with soap for at least 15 seconds, i will rinse them thoroughly under running water."
Identification of the chain of infection allows health care providers to determine points at which the infection can be stopped or prevented
A patient in isolation is experiencing signs of social deprivation. Which intervention by the nurse is appropriate? Set specific times when the nurse will return to the patients room
A 45 yr old man was admitted to the hospital with cellulitis of the right foot. Three days later, he developed bacterial pneumonia. This type of bacterial infection is classified as: health care associated
Which statement is true of sterile technique? recently opened wrappers are considered sterile to within 1 inch of their edges.
because sterile technique is used in many procedures of patient care, it is important for the nurse to remember to hold sterile objects: above waist level
Although surgical asepsis is practiced in the operating room and in other specialty areas, the nurse will at times also use surgical aseptic technique at the patient's bedside. For which procedure will the nurse employ surgical asepsis? inserting an IV
The nurse is performing a surgical hand scrub. during a surgical hand scrub the hands are held above the elbows
To practice strict surgical asepsis the nurse will adhere to principles of sterile technique
When donning sterile gloves, the nurse will Touch only the inside surface of the first glove while pulling it onto the hand
To remove gloves at the end of a procedure the nurse will Remove one glove then use the bare fingers to push the remaining glove off from inside the cuff
Which is a principle of surgical asepsis? Sterile fields and sterilized items are no longer sterile if they contact a clean surface
A patient isolated for pulmonary tuberculosis seems to be angry but the nurse knows this is a normal response to isolation. The best intervention would be to explain isolation procedures and provide meaningful stimulation
After administering care to a patient, the nurse neds to remove a tray of soiled instruments from the room and bag the materials. some of the items are metal whereas others are made of plastic. The nurse knows that it is necessary to separate the items: plastic goes into one bag for gas sterilization, and metal into another to be autoclaved.
The nurse is assisting the physician with an irrigation of a draining abdominal wound by preparing the sterile tray. It is necessary to maintain sterility of the tray at all times. During the process the nurse will: put on sterile gloves to handle the contents of the tray
The nurse is assigned to represent the unit on the infection prevention & control committee. The committee is discussing the CDC's hand hygiene recommendations for implementation in the hospital. Which statement demonstrates an understanding of CDC? Alcohol based hand cleaner is effective on hands that are not visibly soiled with blood and body fluids.
The nurse just completed a sterile dressing change on a patients postoperative incision, and is preparing to measure the patients vitals. In regard to the gloves worn during application of the sterile dressing the nurse should: remove the gloves and perform hand hygiene before measuring the vital signs
The nurse will wear a gown during care of an infected wound for any patient in this type of isolation: contact precautions
The nurse is preparing to open the outer sterile wrap of a Foley (indwelling catheter) tray. Which flap of the wrap (in which direction) should be opened first? the flap that opens away from the nurse
The patient asks the nurse how his skin will be sterilized before his surgery, The nurse's best response is "it is not possible to sterilize skin, but we will use an antimicrobial solution to eliminated most microorganisms."
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