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Scene one shows us that Brutus and Cassius have a premonition of ________ defeat
Why is there a premonition of defeat? They have marched from Sardis to Philippi, the men are tired, and cassius and brutus say their goodbyes incase they are killed
Cassius tells Brutus they wouldn't be in that mess if what? they would have stuck with Cassius's plan and killed Antony
How many times did Octavius say Caesar was stabbed? 33
The day they battle is significant, why? it is cassius's bday and the day he dies
Why does Cassius say he is beginning to start to believe in omens? Because of some of the signs he has seen
Brutus says he would rather do what then be captured by Antony and march through the streets of Rome? commit suicide
Who is against who? Brutus's Army vs. Octavius's Army; Cassius's Army vs. Antony's army
Scene 3 shows us 2 of the 3 unnecessary deaths.. who are the two? cassius, titinius
What was the fault in Brutus and Cassius's plan to attack? Brutus went too early
Some of Cassius's men had done what? Deserted him; the ones that were caught were killed
What caused Cassius's soldiers to be vulnerable? Brutus winning the battle after going too early; Now Antony is going to be able to defeat the forces of Cassius
What are Brutus's soldiers doing? looting, robbing, stealig
what is the misinterpretation? Pindarus sees soldiers chasing after Titinius and screams and thinks Titinius has been captured; it was really Brutus's men catching up with him to tell them they had won
Why does Cassius kill himself? he thinks the soldiers have captured Brutus's army and Cassius is next; so he commits suicide rather than be captured
Cassius and Brutus both die with who's name on their lips? Caesar's
With Cassius's death, what happens to Pindarus? He is a freeman and leaves
why does Titinius kill himself? he is appalled by Cassius's death and thinks it is his fault
What does Brutus whisper to Clitus to do? kill him
Who does Brutus get to kill him? Strato, his slave; he holds the sword for Brutus to fall on to
Because Brutus has compassion and concern for Strato, what does he tell him to do? Look away
What is significant about Cassius and Brutus's death? Caesar's death has been avenged
How will Brutus be buried? with a soldier's burial
Who will take all of Brutus's servants for his own? Octavius
what does antony say about Brutus? noblest roman of all; killed Caesar because he truly thought it was for the welfare of Rome; only one of the conspirators who was not envious of Caesar; honest, gentle, truly noble man; world can say this was a man
who will become ruler of the Roman empire? Octavius
How is Brutus a tragic hero? highborn: nobleman; tragic flaw: idealism; effects family:wife dies; admits the mistake of killing Caesar
In the end, ______ is much worse than Caesar ever would have been? how? antony; ruthless, has own relatives killed, extremely ambitious, very dishonest (deprives citizens of money Caesar left them?
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