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Latin Ch 21 Circe


Ars artis f skill
cantus cantus m song
gladius gladii m sword
iussus iussus m order
modus modi m way
mora morae f delay
rota rotae f wheel
socius socii m comrade
timor timoris m fear
certus certa certum certain/fixed
ullus ulla ullum any
constitutio ere, stitui, stitutus to decide
discendo cendere, cessi, cessus to depart
misceo ere,cui,mixus to mix
muto mutare,avi,atus to change
relinquo ere,qui,ictus to leave behind
sentio ire, ensi,sensus to sense
tango ere,tetigi, tactus to touch
tollo ere,sustuli, sublatus to lift/raise
circum +acc around
pro +abl for
enim for
Created by: whistlestop6497