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Latin S34

Latin Words Needed For Test Re-Take Tomorrow

Actor, Auctoris, m --me auctore Creator, Originator --At my suggestion
Damno, Damnare, Damnavi, Damnatus Condemn
Dum While, Until
Exstinguo, Exstinguere, Exstinxi, Exstinctus Exstinguish, Put Out, Destroy
Gaudium, Gaudii, n Joy
Haud Not
Immineo, Imminere, Imminui (+Dat) Hang Over
Indicium, Indicii, n Sign, Evidence
Modo Just
Obviam eo, Obviam ire, Obviam ii (+Dat) Meet, Go To Meet
Pendeo, Pendere, Pependi Hang
Priusquam Before, Until
Procul Far
Quasi As If
Tenebrae, Tenebrarum, F. Pl. Darkness
Ultio, Ultionis, F. Revenge
Vel Or
Vestimenta, Vestimentorum, N. Pl. Clothes
Adipiscor, Adipisci, Adeptus Sum Obtain
Amplector, Amplecti, Amplexus Sum Embrace
Comitor, Comitari, Comitatus Sum Accompany
Conor, Conari, Conatus Sum Try
Conspicor, Conspicari, Conspicatus Sum Catch Sight Of
Egredior, Egredi, Egressus Sum Go Out
Hortor, Hortari, Hortatus Sum Encourage, Urge
Ingredior, Ingredi, Ingressus Sum Enter
Loquor, Loqui, Locutus Sum Speak
Morior, Mori, Mortuus Sum Die
Nascor, Nasci, Natus Sum Be Born
Patior, Pati, Passus Sum Suffer
Precor, Precari, Precatus Sum Pray (to)
Proficiscor, Proficisci, Profectus Sum Set Out
Regredior, Regredi, Regressus Sum Go Back, Return
Revertor, Reverti, Reversus Sum Turn Back, Return
Sequor, Sequi, Secutus Sum Follow
Created by: alexandriareed