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what is the setting in scene one? a house in Rome
what are the three purposes of scene one? 1) introduces octavius 2) shows the tension among Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus - O and L usually give into Antony 3) shows the inhumanity to which the war has reduced the Romans
What was happening in Rome after Caesar's assassination chaos
After Caesar's death, who tried to become a self-made dictator? what stopped him/ Antony; Octavius
We do not hear of any of the conspirators again besides who? Brutus and Cassius
When does the Second Triumvirate form? Who is it made up by? October, 43 BC; Octavius, Antony, Lepidus
who is lepidus? One of Caesar's former officers
In scene one, what is the list that octavius, antony, and lepidus are making? a list of men who will stand in their way and anybody they think is a threat to them they will have to kill
Who are some of the people in the Triumvirate's list? What does this show? Antony agrees to having his nephew killed, and Lepidus agrees to having his brother killed; extent to where the men will go
____ has become much worse than Caesar ever would have been Antony
What does Antony plan to do with the money Caesar left for the people of Rome? Deprive them of it
What is the setting of scene 2? Camp near Sardis; several months have passes since the assassination
Who are Lucilius and Titinius? They are part of Brutus's camp
Who is Pindarus? Cassius's servant
What does Scene II prepare us for? Scene III, the Quarrel Scene; Cassius is seeing results of his giving into Brutus; Both are sorry for what they have done
Scene 2 is the point in which we see what? brutus and cassius begin to descend
what is the setting of scene 3? brutus's tent
Brutus had publicly accused who of embezzling money and taking bribes? Lucius Pella, one of Cassius's men
Why is Cassius angry at Brutus? Because Cassius and written a letter to Brutus saying Lucius Pella was innocent, and Brutus says it is true about Pella
Brutus says that Cassius has a what? itchy palm; greedy
“You know that you are Brutus that speaks this, Or, by the gods, this speech were else your last.” what does this mean? Cassius says that if Brutus were not Brutus, he'd be dead right now for accusing Cassius of raising money illegally
what is ironic about Brutus being mad at Cassius for not loaning him money for his army? Brutus judges Cassius for raising money dishonorably but he asks Cassius for some of the it
In scene 3, after they stop arguing and settle their differences, what do both Brutus and Cassius regret? Caesar's death
who is Messala? friend of Brutus
How and why does Portia die? commits suicide by putting hot coals in her mouth; she was depressed because Brutus was gone and worried about Rome under Antony and Octavius
Among dozens of men Antony and Octavius have put to death, ________ was one. Cicero
Where are Octavius and Antony heading? This is where the battle will take place Philippi
Why are people in Rome being killed right and left? They are no longer protected by Roman law
What is Brutus's fifth and final mistake? going to Philippi
What does Cassius think would be the better option over going to Philippi? let antony and octavius come to them; they will be rested and others will be tired
why does Brutus think going to Philippi is good? he thinks they will be able to pick up some forces on the way
what are some greek superstitions of ghosts? 1)appearance of ghost will make flames turn blue 2)ghost of murdered will seek revenge on killer 3)ghosts come back in same form as they left
what does it mean when the ghost of Caesar say he will see Brutus at Philippi? Foreshadowing
aFter the encounter with the ghost of Caesar, Brutus thinks what happened? he was dreaming and the voices were the servants sleepytalking
Created by: jackjack109
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