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ARI Vocabulary

ARI Vocabulary for 3rd Six Weeks

Vocabulary WordVocabulary Definition
progression moving forward
essential something basic; necessary
efficiency capable of results without waste; get the job done without wasting time or resources
duration how long something lasts
excess more than you need
text words on the page
reflex automatic response to a stimulus, such as we cough or sneeze when something bothers us
bright intelligent, smart, clever
miserable extremely poor or unhappy
poorhouse a place maintained at public expense to house needy or dependent persons
valedictorian highest ranking student in graduating class
stubborn difficult to handle, manage, or treat
company fellowship, friendship, such as enjoying a person's company
connection to bring together in thought
desire to long for, a strong wish
pattern an artistic form, figure, or design
adversity misfortune, bad luck
suffragette a woman who supports voting rights for women
documentary presenting events or facts about something in a film or novel
inferior treated with very little respect, less than important
Created by: rwright
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