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8Sci_Ocean Floor

Oceans, Ocean Floor & Acid Base Chemistry of the Ocean

Where is the Continental Shelf? it begins at the shoreline and slopes gently towards the open ocean. Depth can reach 200M
Where is the Continental Slope? it begins at edge of continental shelf and continues down to the flatest part of the ocean floor
What are ocean trenches? hugh cracks in the deep ocean basin where tectonic plates collide and old ocean crust is recycled deep into the earth
What is a seamount? submerged volcanic mountain formed by magma pushing through or between tectonic plates
What is sonar technology based on? the echo-ranging behavior of bats
Where is the deepest part of the ocean? the ocean trenches
What is recycled at ocean trenches? old lithosphere
What is sonar technology used for? mapping the sea floor
What is bathymetry? a measure of the depth of oceans, lakes or rivers
What is created along mid-ocean ridges near the middle of ocean basins? new lithosphere
What type of instrument would scientists use to study the ocean depths? submersible
What is the mid-ocean ridge? mountain chains where tectonic plates pull apart. New ocean crust forms here
Where does a rift valley form? it forms between mid-ocean ridges
What is an abyssal plain? a broad, flat part of deep ocean basin with an average depth of 4000 meters
Where is the continental rise? at the base of the continental slope and is made of large piles of sediment
Created by: ndmsteach