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function of RBC's transport hgb
function of hemoglobin transport oxygen
function of platelets clotting
Anemia classifications inadequeate suply or loss of iron/morphology
clinical manifestations of anemeia HA, restlessness, increase in HR, cycanosis, murmur
theraputic management of iron deficient anemeia prevention: assessment of dietary intake
use of iron supplements intruct parents to administer liquid med past teeth, wipe teeth after med administration, inform parent stool color and consistency may change
basic defect of sickle cell under conditions of deydration, acidosis, hypoxia, fever or cold; RBC's will sickle
Pathophysiology of sickle cell the sickled RBC's cause obstruction of blood flow and increase of RBC destruction by spleen
obstruction of micro-circulation leads to... local hypoxia, ischemia and infarction of the tissue
priority nursing management for pt with occulsive sickle cell crisis PAIN, hydration and oxygenation
initial pain management drug used for sickle cell crisis morphine sulfate
hemophilia predisposes the pt to bleeding anywhere in the body after trauma or injury
treatment to stop bleeding replacement of missing factor, rest of injured area, ice, elevation, compression
nursing goal in treating pt with hemophilia prevention of bleeding: use of saftey equipment, good dental hygeine, education of all care givers
how to prevent complications of bleeding ROM to involved joint after acute phase (bleeding)
clincial manifestiations of anemia are seen due to... alterd cardiac output secondary to the abnormal hgb level
S/Sx seen in anemia manifest the same regardless of the .... cause/etiology of the anemia
Teenagers are at risk for iron deficent anemia d/t their dietary intake and rapid growth
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