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Ch.10 (Exam 3)

Streams and Floods

Movement of cobbles and boulders by rolling, sliding, or dragging in a streambed is called ____ load. traction
Floods are described by ____, the average time between floods of a given size. recurrence interval
Streams erode rock and sediment by ___. All of the above answers are correct
________ are low ridges of flood-deposited sediment that form on both sides of a stream channel and thin away from the channel. Natural levees
In North America, the ___ separates streams that flow into the Pacific Ocean from those that flow into the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Continental Divide
A(n) ___ is a step-like landform found above a stream and its floodplain. It is a remnant of an older flood plain or river-eroded flat surface. stream terrace
A ____ drainage pattern is one in which streams diverge outward likes spokes on a wheel. radial
___ is/are sudden localized floods of large volume and short duration, often triggered by heavy rainstorms. Flash floods
A(n) ___ stream flows in a network of rivulets (subchannels) around numerous sandbars. braided
A river's velocity is faster ____. along the outside of a meander loop near the cut bank
A stream can increase its length by _____. All of the answers are correct
A(n) ____ stream is one that exhibits a delicate balance between its transporting capacity and the sediment load available to it. graded
___ influences the velocity of a river along with gradient. Channel shape and roughness
A _____ is a ridge of sediment built by sedimentation on the middle or banks of a stream channel. bar
The ______ is the total area drained by a river and its tributaries. drainage basin
The ______ load is sediment light enough to remain lifted indefinitely above the bottom by water turbulence. suspension
The limit to downcutting of a stream is called the ___ level. base
The movement and interchange of water between the sea, air and land can be visualized by the ____. hydrologic cycle
A ridge or strip of ground separating one drainage basin from another is termed a ____. divide
A cutoff meander may become a crescent-shaped __. oxbow lake
On large alluvial fans, the _____ sediment is deposited near the mountains. coarsest
A graded stream can be deepening its channel by down cutting while part of its energy is also widening its valley by ______ erosion. lateral
The gravel bed load of a stream moves by _____. sliding and rolling
The process of deepening of a valley by erosion of a streambed is called __. down cutting
_____ are low ridges of flood deposited sediment that form on either side of a stream channel and thin away from the channel. Natural levees
A stream's discharge is __. the volume of water passing through a specific point along the stream in a unit of time
A "100-year flood" has a _______ percent chance of occurring in any given year. 1
Discharge is the product of average stream width times average stream depth times ___. stream velocity
_____ refers to sand grain movement in a series of short leaps or bounces off the bottom. Saltation
Rivers may develop pronounced sinuous curves called a ___ pattern. meandering
A(n) __ is the body of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river when the river's velocity decreases. delta
A(n) ___ drainage pattern of a river resembles a tree. dendritic
Flood control structures along the Mississippi River surrounding New Orleans are predominantly _____. artificial levees
_____ meanders are meanders that retain their sinuous pattern as they cut vertically downward below the level at which they originally formed. Incised
Created by: Thomas.Siu