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Ch.9 (Exam 3)


Heavy irrigation on a hillslope will cause __. All of the answers are correct
Assuming that all other conditions are identical, a slope that is ___ is more stable. more gently inclined
Among techniques used to prevent rockfalls along highways is to _____. All of the answers are correct
The rate of movement in creep is usually __. a centimeter or less per year
A(n) apron of fallen rock fragments called ___ is generally found at the base of a slope affected by rockfall. talus
When soil is saturated with water ____ increases. pore pressure
In ____, soil in which fine grains predominate moves downslope as a viscous fluid. earthflows
A(n) _____ is the rapid sliding of a mass of bedrock along an inclined surface of weakness. rockslide
______ is ground that remains frozen for many years. Permafrost
In areas where the daily temperature regularly varies above and below the freezing temperature of water, the freeze-thaw cycle __. All of the choices are all correct
_____ commonly trigger mass wasting events. Earthquakes
____ generally makes a slope more susceptible to mass wasting of soil. Construction
When a stream, wave action, or excavation by humans undercuts the base of a slope, slope failure may occur because __. downslope support of the slope materials will have been reduced or eliminated
Mudflows are ___ likely to occur in arid regions than in wet climates more
Two factors that contribute significantly to soil creep are water in the soil and ___. freeze-thaw cycles
If, over a period of time, your home develops doors that stick, cracked walls, broken pipes, and cracked driveways, ____ may be occurring. soil creep
Mudflows generally contain __. primarily mud-sized particles with some water, but may also contain particles as large as boulders
A(n) _____ is a general term that tells nothing about the processes involved. landslide
If movement becomes very rapid, a rockslide may break up and become __. a rock avalanche
List the following flow terms in the order of decreasing velocity (fastest first): mudflow, debris avalanche, creep, and earthflow. debris avalanche, mudflow, earthflow, creep
One way to prevent slope failure is to __. All of the answers are correct.
Which of the following factors are how geologists, engineers, and others classifying mass wasting? rate of movement, type of material, type of movement
Shear strength __. is the total force/stress resisting movement
In a translational slide, the descending mass __. moves along a plane approximately parallel to the slope of the surface
Resistance to movement or deformation of soil is called __. shear strength
A rock avalanche begins its downslope journey __. as bedrock
A _____ involves movement along a curved surface. rotational slide
Mudflows are ___ likely to occur in areas not protected by vegetation. more
Slide is a term that means that the descending mass __. remains intact
Created by: Thomas.Siu