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Rock Test

My test questions over rocks

Solid mixtures of crystals or one or more minerals rock
Process by which new rock forms form old rock rock cycle
Process by which sediment is removed form its source erosion
Process by which sediment is dropped and comes to rest deposition
The chemical makeup of a rock composition
The size, shape, and position of grains that make up a rock texture
This rock is not normally used as a construction material halite
Scientists classify rocks by what? composition and texture
What kind of texture does igneous rock have when magma cools slowly? coarse-grained
What kind of texture does igneous rock have when magma cools rapidly? fine-grained
What kind of rock is formed when magma intrudes into other rock? intrusive igneous rock
Over time, grains of sand may be compacted and cemented together to form a rock called what? sandstone
dissolved minerals separate from water and Become a natural, what, that binds the sedimentary rock together? cement
Sedimentary rocks form at or near the Earth's what? surface
The most noticeable feature of sedimentary rock is often its layers, or what? strata
Rock or mineral fragments are called what? clasts
Sedimentary rock that forms when rock or Mineral fragments are cemented together is called what kind of sedimentary rock? clastic
Clastic sedimentary rocks can have coarse-, medium-, or fine-grained what? textures
Sedimentary rock that forms when minerals crystallize out of solution, such as sea water, to become rock is called what kind of sedimentary rock? chemical
Sedimentary rock that forms from the remains, or fossils, of plants and animals is called what kind of sedimentary rock organic
Some limestone is made from the skeletons of tiny what that live in the ocean in huge colonies called what? coral and reefs
Limestone made from the calcium carbonate form skeletons and shells of sea creatures is called what kind of limestone fossiliferous
What is the process in which sedimentary rocks are arranged in layers? stratification
What are the markings on sedimentary rocks that record the wave motion of wind and water called? ripple marks
What do we call the structures that form when fine-grained sediments at the bottom of a shallow body of water are exposed to the air and dry out? mud cracks
Which rock's name comes from the Greek words for "changed" and "shape"? metamorphic
What kind of rocks are rocks in which the structure ,texture, or composition have been changed metamorphic
What force or forces can create metamorphic rocks? heat and pressure
A rock in which coarse-grained minerals separate into distinct bands gneiss
A foliated metamorphic rock made from shale slate
A metamorphic rock with mineral grains in planes or bands foliated
a metamorphic rock made from phyllite that has been exposed to heat and pressure schist
a sedimentary rock made of layers of clay shale
a metamorphic rock made from slate that has been subjected to heat and pressure phyllite
What is a change in the shape of a rock caused by a force placed on it called? deformation
Explain the process by which sedimentary rock forms through cementation and deposition
What are the three main categories of sedimentary rock? organic, chemical, and clastic
What do we call metamorphic rocks in which mineral grains are NOT alligned ? nonfoliated
What is the process in which a mineral changes composition during metamorphism called? recrystallization
After quartz limestone has recrystallized, the new rock is called what? quartzite
The heat and pressure at which some metamorphic rocks originally form allow them to sometimes remain what at pressures and temperatures that would melt other rock solid
Pressure caused by large movements within the crust sometimes cause the what in metamorphic rocks to align themselves in parallel bonds mineral grains
During what, is rock heated by nearby magma contact metamorphism
The effect of heat on rock decreases as the rock's what from the magma increases and its what what increases? distance and temperature
When pressure builds up in rock which is located under other rock formations, regional metamorphism occurs regional metamorphism
Regional metamorphism occurs deep in the Earth's what? crust
The minerals that a rock is made of determines the what of that rock composition
what is a naturally occurring solid mixture of crystals of one or more minerals Rock
Sediments are transported or moved from their original source by a process called what eroision
When sedimentary rock is exposed to heat and pressure, what does it change in to? metamorphic rock
Created by: krabkid