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8Sci_Energy Resource

Energy Resources (Mayfield)

What is another name for wind mills? wind turbines
What is a major disadvantage of solar power? cost
What is an example of a non-renewable energy resource? solar
What element is primarily used with nuclear power? Uranium (U)
What gas does burning fossil fuels release? carbon dioxide
What is the best advantage of fossil fuels? they produce a large amount of energy
What is petroleum also known as? crude oil
What does most of the energy used in the US come from? fossil fuels
What is another name for hydroelectric? water power
How can solar panels be effective at night? batteries
What does wind energy harness? the energy of moving air
What is geothermal energy? heat energy from inside the Earth that can be used to heat buildings and produce electricity
What is mechanical energy? the sum of potential and kinetic energy of an object
How is nuclear energy created? by breaking apart atoms
What is biomass? any material from living things that can be used as an energy source
What converts light energy into electricity? photovoltaic/solar cells
What is a reservoir? an artificial lake created by a dam
What is global warming? the trend of rising average temperatures around the world
What are renewable energy resources? resources that can be replaced as they are used or cannot be used up
What is ethanol? a biomass fuel that can be made from fermented corn
What are the 3 states of matter? solid, liquid & gas
What are 3 examples of fossil fuels using each state of matter? coal-solid, petroleum-liquid, natural gas-gas
What is a non-renewable energy resource? a resource that cannot be replaced as it is used and it takes millions of years to be created
What is required to have geothermal energy? volcanically active grounds
What country is famous for its geothermal energy use? Iceland
What are two different types of solar technology? solar panels & solar reflector
What is an advantage of solar power? no pollution and sun is reliable
Where are wind turbines located? in windy places or off shore
What is an advantage of wind turbines? no pollution or global warming
What is a disadvantage of wind turbines? loud and it kills animals
How is water collected and used to create hydroelectric power? water is collected by a dam and the water moves turbines to power generators
What is an advantage of hydroelectric power? no pollution or global warming
What is a disadvantage of hydroelectric power? areas/habitats can be flooded
Is nuclear power a renewable or nonrenewable energy resource? nonrenewable
What is an advantage of nuclear power? powerful
What is a disadvantage of nuclear power? nuclear waste
List 3 fossil fuels. coal, petroleum & natural gas
How do fossil fuels impact our environment? extracting them destroys habitats & when burned they contribute to global warming and climate change
Why are fossil fuels so important? they power our modern world
Created by: ndmsteach
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