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IC L2 L2 Vocab


Chinese CharactersPinyinEnglish
着急 zhao ji worry
毯子 tan zi blanket
衣柜 yi gui wardrobe
被子 bei zi comforter, quilt
同屋 tong wu roommate
一般 yi ban generally
bai to put; to place
地道 di dao authentic, genuine
过几天 guo ji tian in a few days
柜子 gui zi cabinet, cupboard
gua to hang; to hang up
men door
kong empty
空调 kong tiao air con
dong mw building
jiu old
恐怕 kong pa I'm afraid that; probably; I think perhaps
日用品 ri yong pin daily necessities
文具 wen ju stationary
xi to wash
ceng mw stories of a building
tai mw machines
洗衣机 xi yi ji washing machine
烘干机 hong gan ji clothes dryer
马路 ma lu road
真的 zhen de truly, really
餐馆儿 can guan er restaurant
Created by: johanhow2
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