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IC Chinese

L5 DL1 vocabulary (C/P/E)

CharacterPinyinEnglish meaning
ya interjectory particle used to soften a question
谁呀? shéi ya who is it?
kuài fast, quick; quickly
很快 hěn kuài very fast
jìn to enter
lái to come
进来 jìn lái to come in
介绍 jiè shào to introduce
一下 yí xià once; a bit
高兴 gāo xìng happy; pleased
漂亮 piào liàng pretty
zuó to sit
请坐 qǐng zuó please sit down
zài at; in; on
在家 zài jiā at home
哪儿 nǎ r where
你 在哪儿? nǐ zài nǎ r Where are you?
学校 xué xiào school
在学校 zài xué xiào at school
to drink
点(儿) diǎnr a little; a bit; some
chá tea
喝茶 hē chá to drink tea
喝点儿茶 hē diǎn r chá to have some tea
咖啡 kā fēi coffee
喝咖啡 hē kā fēi to drink coffee
喝点儿咖啡 hē diǎn r kā fēi to have some coffee
ba a sentence-final particle
喝点儿茶吧。 hē diǎn r chá ba to have some tea
请坐吧。 qǐng zuó ba please sit down.
请吃吧。 qǐng chī ba please eat.
yào want
píng measure word for bottles; bottle
可乐 kě lè ( Coke or Pepsi) cola
一瓶可乐 yì píng kě lè one bottle of cola
我要一瓶可乐。 wǒ yào yì píng kě lè I want a bottle of cola.
可以 kě yǐ can; may
我要一瓶可乐,可以吗? wǒ yào yì píng kě lè ,kě yǐ ma ? I would like to have a bottle of cola, May I?
对不起 duì bu qǐ sorry
对不起,我们家没有可乐。 duì bu qǐ ,wǒ men jiā méi yǒu kě lè 。 Sorry, we do not have cola at home.
gěi to give
给我 gěi wǒ to give me
bēi measure word for cup and glass; cup
shuǐ water
一杯水 yìbēi shuǐ one cup of water
请给我一杯水。 qǐng gěi wǒ yì bēi shuǐ 。 Please give me a cup of water.
高小音 gāo xiǎo yīn a personal name
Created by: Yanlidavid
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