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ante before
anti against
circum around
com together
con together
-archy government
aqua water
-cide kill
audi hear
-itis infection
homo same
spec look
duct lead
fer carry
pend hang
morph change
mis bad
hydro water
dorm sleep
corp body
vita life
demo people
astr star
-tion act or state of
sur over
plu more
mar sea
prim first
pyro fire
clam cry
de down
dis away
-ard always
-ician specialist
pater father
nov new
micro small
bene good
-ism doctrine or belief
tang touch
alter other
cogn know
numer number
fort strong
osteo bone
-polis city
sed sit
leg read
meta change
tort twist
-nym same
ornith bird
fus pour
ego I
sanct holy
fid faith
path feeling
a not
fore front
ex out
hetero different
ped foot or child
mort death
carn flesh
graph write
ethno race or culture
sci know
psych mind or soul
gen origin
nat born
i plural
jus law
lum light
ann year
sen old
an without
age process
mel song
aer air
en/em into/onto
alb white
epi on
sol alone
bas low
Created by: babydill83