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What is the setting of scene one? March 15, men have gone to the Capitol
what are the three purposes of scene one? 1) turning point 2) shows mistake regarding not killing antony 3) shows lack of organization of conspirators after assassination
who is publius? old senator
who is popilus? senator
what does Caesar say to Aretmidorous when he tries to get him the letter? Caesar says if it is about him, then he will read it later
who says to artemidorous, "i wish your enterprise today may thrive" what does this show? popilus; shows that he knows of the assassination plot
what is the first step of the assassination? trebonius gets antony out of the way so he can;t interfere
what is the second step of the assassination? Metellus kneels before Caesar begging that his brother be allowed back into Rome - he knows Caesar will say no
What is the third step of the assassination? Metellus getting the other conspirators to come over and try to convince Caesar into letting his brother back into rome
why is Caesar's speech ironic? He says he is constant with his decisions, but Decius manipulated him into changing his mind to go to the Captiol
what is the fourth step in the assassination plot? Seemingly in frustration because Caesar won't listen to them, Casca stabs Caesar
Casca is the first to stab Caesar, who is the last? Brutus
what does it mean when Caesar says "Et tu, Brute?: You too, Brutus/
how does Caesar die? knowing his good friend betrayed him
what depicts Caesar's death as a religious sacrifice to Rome's freedom? the conpsirators kneeling down and dipping their hands in his blood
why does Antony send a servant to the Capitol? to see if it is safe for him to come back
Brutus tells Antony their reason for killing Caesar was ______ noble
Antony asks to do what? speak at Caesar's funeral
what is Brutus's fourth major mistake? Cassius tells Brutus he does not think Antony should speak, nbut Brutus says it is ok
what are the conditions to antony speaking at the funeral? 1)brutus speaks before him, thinking no one will pay attention to atnony 2)antony is not to speak evil of conspirators 3)antony has to say conspirators have given him permission to speak 4) has to speak well of Caesar5) Brutus and Antony-same platform
who is octavius? Caesar's political heir; grand nephew
what is scene two? the funeral speeches
what are the purposes of scene two? 1)contrast b/t Brutus and Antony 2) shows citizens influence on the action - basically citizens run conspirators out of town
Brutus ______ to the common people - who among you wants to be a slave? appeals
Brutus says Caesar was ambitious how many times? three
what is the anachronism in act 3? coffins - all bodies were cremated
antony begins to stir up the crowd, the crowd is very _____ fickle
what does antony read to the people? Caesar's will
when antony points to the stab wounds, who does he say was the most unkindest of all? Brutus's
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