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Weather and Seasons

Weather and Season terms.

cumulonumbus Hint: Clouds called thunderheads.
stratus clouds Hint: Called fog when they touch the ground.
cumulus clouds Hint: Big fluffy clouds in the blue sky.
cirrus clouds Hint: Some times called horse tails!
winter Hint: The weather is cold and snowy.
autumn Hint: The weather becomes cooler and leaves fall from the trees.
summer Hint: The weather is often hot and sunny.
spring Hint: The weather is often warmer and rainy.
evaporates Hint: When liquid becomes gas it _________.
vapor Hint: What liquid becomes when it evaporates.
cumulonimbus Hint: Tall, towering clouds with a bubbly grey bottom.
stratus clouds Hint: Clouds that blanket the sky and bring rain.
cumulus clouds Hint: We often see animal shapes in them!
cirrus clouds Hint: Wispy, thin clouds made of little bits of ice.
condensation Hint: When vapor becomes liquid again
clouds Hint: Floating vapor, water and dust.
evaporates Hint: When liquid becomes gas.
vapor Hint: Liquid in gas state.
precipitation Hint: Usually rain falling from the clouds.
December Hint: The shortest day of the year is in this month.
June Hint: The longest day of the year is in this month.
Created by: Sheryl